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Oct. 2017

  • Education
  • Mental Health
  • International Students


Amiglo is a chatbot that is aimed towards helping international students assimilate and become more engaged in their college and local communities by providing events, challenges, and recommendations to improve student success and morale.

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Goodie Nation is an Atlanta-based non-profit that seeks to support and accelerate local innovators and start-ups to into funding and production. I volunteered my time to help build the brand and identity of one of their clients in a 48-hour hackathon.

An international education can be one of the most effective ways to prepare a student for an aware, successful, and fulfilling life. However, many international students are daunted when they arrive in their new home, particularly if it is their first time in the country. Higher education is a stressful time for anyone, but that stress and fear is compounded when you find yourself in a new culture. This stress can lead to isolation, depression and self harm if not addressed.

As a former international student myself, I am familiar with these fears and concerns and tried to incorporate personal experiences into ideation and problem-solving for this project.


One of the best ways to learn more about a culture is to just get out there and experience it. Some students are simply too shy or place that time on the backburner so we wanted to create a design that encouraged and incentivized integration.

Colleges and universities are full of social groups bonded by hobby, major, and background, so they provide ample opportunities to interact with different people. By giving students regular challenges and gamifying the experience, we hope to get students to engage with their host country and community. This can help build a network and familiarity for them to rely on when they are having issues far away from home and family.

Sometimes, a student may feel left out or confused when their local community is celebrating some event. We can take these moments to educate students about local traditions, practices and history and search for opportunities for them to be a part of it as well if desired.

By placing these challenges and interactions in the form of a chatbot, we also create a companion for the student in their new adventure and provide them with someone familiar and reliable to discuss their fears and confusion with.

A student may have a question or need guidance at any time so we opted to create a native mobile application. This would also help us track their account information and location for better directed tasking and analysis.


User Flow

When a new user first opens the app, they are greeted with an onboarding process prompting them for their name, school, and interests. This builds a unique profile that will build a bespoke set of challenges and suggestions for each user. Next, users will be given tasks to promote social and cultural awareness. When holidays or special local events approach, the system will ask users about their familiarity with them. They then have the option of learning more or skipping that event.



Moving Forward

The intents and purposes of this hackathon were to develop a brand identity to get the project to a point where it can be presented to investors. Moving forward, this design will need to undergo user testing, usability testing, and confirmation of features that are and are not needed. Not included in the prototype, we would want to see what other information the system would need from users to build the ideal recommended challenges. Other attributes we might want to ask users include, nationality, religion, region, and associated culture, but we would need to confirm the desire, feasibility, and output of these tags.